Black wood canopy beds : Roller blinds shades.

Black Wood Canopy Beds

black wood canopy beds

    canopy beds
  • Beds with four posts that are connected together by rods at the top. Gorgeous fabrics are usually draped over the entire Bed. Beds are available in iron, wood, metal, and metal/wood.

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Patched the gaps in my bedroom004

Patched the gaps in my bedroom004

That's the corner that I just patched and nailed a strip of wood on the floor.
I have 2 throw pillows on my bed, one zebra and the other leopard print. Right now I have a zebra print curtain, and that's a zebra figurine on the table.
My black canopy drape has not found it's way back on my bed since I washed it a couple weeks ago. Sigh, a handy woman's work is never done, lol.

black wood canopy beds

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